Past Activities:

      General Manager Advertising Agency HIRTZ NUÑEZ Y ASOC., 1979-86,

        in partnership with UNIVAS-UNITROS advertising agencies of Europe

–     Co-founder Department of Contemporary Photography in Cultural Museum of Ecuador, 1983


–     OEA, 1978

–     Permanent exhibit at the National Photography Council of Mexico

    Collective ethnographic photo exhibit at Museum Equator of Ecuador

    UNIVERSAL EXPO SEVILLE 92, “Portraits of the Last Insects”, 80 Photos

    UNIVERSAL EXPO HANNOVER 2000, all graphics of the Ecuador Pavilion

    “Ecuador and its Orchids”, Tokyo, 1995

    Trophies in The Best of Latin American Photography, Bogotá, 1993, 1994 &   .  .     1995

    Artists of Ecuador, Washington, 1990 (Included conference on photography)

    Appleton Museum at Ocala, Florida with orchid 18 prints, 14 square meters      .     each.

–     Collective exhibits in various galleries.

–     Smithsonian Museum, Washington, Orchid Exhibit Dec. 2004-May 2005


–     National Contest of Film Documentaries, Best Photography, “One Day in Ecuador”, 1976

–     National Contest of Film Documentaries, Best Direction, “Land of El Dorado”, 1985

    Quito Telephone Guide Cover, 1981, 1983 and 1987

    First Place National Contest Color Photography Assay, Ecuador, 1983 & 1986

    Second Place National Contest Contemporary Photography, Ecuador, 1982 & 1984

–     First Place National Kodak Contest in Ecuador 1990, second place 1989

–     Trophy in three categories for Excellency in Best of Latin-American Photography, Bogotá, 1993, 1994 & 1995

    Bronze Medal in 16th International Saloon of Photography in Korea, 1995

    2 Trophies Calendar for Banco del Pichincha, 2000

      Gold Medal World Orchid Congress  WOC 19, Singapore, 2011

      Gold & Bronze Medal World Orchid Congress WOC 20, Johannesburg, 2014

Photos in Publications:

–     Co-discovery of over 1000 orchids, bromeliads and gesneriads.

–     Co-author of description of new species of about 650 orchid species.

    Publications in magazines, journals, newspapers in various countries

    Contributions in Orchids of Colombia, Vol. 1 to 6

    Contributions in Orchids of Ecuador, (over 1000 Photographs) Vol. 1 to 5

–     Contributions in various books, magazines, newspapers

    Contributions in Orchids of Peru, 2012

–     Contributions in Enciclopedia of Masdevallias, 2014

–     Contributions in Biodiversity of Ecuador, 2014

–     History of Pipes and Hallucinogens in the Americas, in progress

–     Field guide of Conches and Shells of Ecuador, author and photography, in  progress

    Patrimonial Trees of Quito, 2015