Present Activities:

      General Manager Charles Hirtz Foundation to implement the Temple of  the Amerindian Symbols “Huaca Wira Cocha”  which involves an archeology Museum at the Equator to host the Hirtz Collection.


–     In progress: “The Valdivia Shaman-Astronomers and their Cosmograms”

Three volumes with   2000 illustrations and 500 drawings. Description and comparative interpretation of the Valdivia civilization and Andean symbology with other cultures and civilizations. Valdivia, mother civilization of the Americas and the Wiracocha missionary movement are some of the presented novel proposals in this book.

    The symbols of the Huancavilca Culture of costal Ecuador represented on spindle whirls ( 800 a.d. – 500 a.d.), in preparation.

    The History of Pipes in America, in preparation.


      Direction & Camera: Lost World of the Huaograni Indians, 1977

Seminars & Lectures:

– Denver Art Museum, 1970-73

– Symposium on Museography of Sciences, Caracas, Venezuela, 1999

– World Expo Shanghai 2010 on “Valdivia: Mother Culture of the Americas”


Animal & bird carvings with Ecuadorian semi-precious stones, 1500 items in coordination with TROPICA 2000 and Africa 70, in Tucson Mineral Fair, 1993

Creative Director and Deputy Commissioner Ecuador Pavilion UNIVERSAL EXPO HANNOVER 2000

Valdivian Earth Godess (3000 BC-1500 BC) exhibit at the Chancelory of Ecuador, March-August 2003

VALDIVIA EXHIBITS world wide sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Relations and the City of Quito, in preparation:

Valdivia Temple & Museum at the Equator “Huaca Wira Cocha”, feasibility stage, 8 million dollar budget.