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Ing. Alexander Hirtz, born in Quito-Ecuador in 1951, was close to the natural sciences from childhood because in his free time he accompanied his grandmother, Dr.Elizabeth Naundorff, a renowned botanist and zoologist, on expeditions through the unexplored country. With complementary knowledge gained from his father, Charles Hirtz, in anthropology and archeology, Ing. Alexander Hirtz decided to study geology and paleontology at the Colorado School of Mines in order to broaden his background in all aspects of the natural sciences. To partially finance his studies in the United States, he founded the company ECUAFLOR in 1970, through which he exported orchids and bromeliads to clients on all continents. In 1980 he founded the advertising company Hirtz Nuñez & Asoc. to become partners with the European chain Univas-Unitros. In 1985, after participating as advisor to the Ministry of Energy and Mines in the modernization of the mining law of Ecuador, he co-founded various mining companies in Ecuador, Peru and Canada and currently he is the Chief Geologist of Solex Resources Corp. and Doubloon Exploration Corp. in Canada, president of Doblonecuador S.A. and Transandina Servicios Mineros in Ecuador and of Penshaw Peru. Current exploration targets are uranium, nickel, gold, silver and zinc. Alexander Hirtz is also president of Harmony Tours, a travel agency specialized in eco-tourism, sport fishing and orchid safaris in Ecuador and Peru. He also has started a company Exotic Cultivos S.C.C., specializing in new tropical products, emphasizing the semi domesticated Amazonian fruit Araza and the Pitahaya cactus fruit. Exotic Cultivos also has an experimental farm in the upper Amazon to grow native and exotic trees and medicinal plants. In recent years, he has dedicated himself to the conservation of species in danger of extinction. Currently, he is Regional President for South American of the Species Survival Commission for orchids of the IUCN since 1999, President of the Latin American Orchid Council since 1992, Andean representative to the Conservation Committee of the American Orchid Society since 1992, President and co-founder of the Botanical Garden of Quito, President of the Botanic Foundation of the Andes and Fundacion Tropica 2000, vice-president of the Network of Botanic Gardens of Ecuador, honorary member of the Academic Section of the Biological and Natural Sciences of the Ecuadorian Casa de Cultura and vice-president and co-founder of the Quito Orchid Society. With the co-discovery of more than thousand species of orchids, bromeliads and gesneriads and the co-authorship of the description of over 600 new species, Ing.Alexander Hirtz has contributed to science through the information he has provided in lectures as well as his photographs published in various documents, books and articles. The highlight of his lectures is based on his theory that certain paths in evolution are based on orthogenetic punctuated mutations in multiple of four. Ing. Alexander Hirtz is also researching in depth the oldest culture of America, the Valdivians, which he considers the Mother culture of America, based on his own collection, one of the most comprehensive ones in the world, which include a large selection of stone cosmograms, the first pictographic writing system in America.