Cabaña de las Orquídeas, distribution center of orchids, house plants, fertillizers, gardening implements. Quito-Ecuador


ECUAFLOR, General Manager 1973-1977

       Export of native orchids and bromeliads

EXOTIC CULTIVOS S.S.C., General Manager

Development of new agricultural possibilities with native fruits, herbs, spices, cut flowers, foliage, with current emphasis on  Araza, Sampanaqui & Stevia.


    President and co-founder Botanic Foundation of the Andes 1992- 2002; 2005–present.

–     President and co-founder Botanic Garden and Orchid Conservatory of Quito, 2002-present.

–     Vice-president Botanic Garden Network of Ecuador, 2003-2005

–     President and co-founder Orchid Society of Quito, 1992-present

    President and co-founder TROPICA 2000, 1989-present

–    Co-founder of Fundación Antisana and Fundación Puruhá

–    Co-founder Universidad San Fransisco de Quito, 1991

–     Ecuador representative for Health & Habitat Foundation (USA), 2000-2004

–     President Latin-American Orchid Council & Congresses, 1992-present

–     President for South American Regional Group of the Orchid Special Group of the Species Survival Commission for UICN ( OIC-UICN-SSC), 2000-present

–     Member International Orchid Council, 2000-present

–     Member Site Selection Committee World Orchid Congresses, 1993-2005

–     Delegate Conservation Committee American Orchid Society, 1987-present

–     Honorary Member Academy of Biological and Natural Sciences of Ecuador, 1992-present

–     Director International Relations, World Orchid Congress 2017, Guayaquil, Ecuador

–     Member International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs, 2000-present

–     VIP Member Madison Who’s Who of Professionals, 2005-present

Lectures, exhibits & judging at Orchid Congresses & Shows:

–  2nd to 10th International Orchid Show – Ecuadorian Orchid Society, Guayaquil       

– 1st Bromeliad World Congress, Los Angeles, 1984

– Speakers Day, San Francisco, 1988

– Joint Presidents International Speakers Day, New York, 1989

– Orchid & Bromeliad Societies in New York, Dallas, Houston & Sarasota, 1989

– International Orchid Show, Medellin, 1989

– Semi-annual Orchid Trustees Meeting, Los Angeles, 1990

– Latin-American Orchid Congress 1992, Xalapa-Mexico

– Expo Universal Seville ’92, Nature Pavilion, Exhibit Portraits of the Last Insect (80 Posters & Video)

– World Orchid Congress XV, 1993, Glasgow, Scotland

– President 1st Andean Congress of Orchid Conservation & International Orchid Show, 1993

– Conservation lectures at Harvard & New York, 1994

– International Orchid Show, Tuluá, Colombia, 1994

– Orchid Exhibit “Ecuador” invited guest for set up, lectures, etc. organized by ODAKYU and All Japan Orchid Society, inauguration by Princess of Japan, 80.000 visitors, Tokyo, 1995

– Semi-annual Trustees Meeting, Raleigh, 1995

– Orchid & Conservation conferences & shows in New York, Cali, Lima, 1995

– World Orchid Congress in Rio de Janeiro XVI, Brazil, 1996

– Orchid & Conservation Conferences & shows in Miami, Caracas, Karlsruhe & Manheim in Germany, 1996

– Orchid & Conservation Conferences in Caracas, San Francisco, Sacramento & Berkley, 1997

– Symposium Sustainability of Amazonian Forests, Quito, 1997

– Orchid & Conservation conferences in New York and Philadelphia, 1998

– World Orchid Congress XVII, Vancouver, 1999

– Orchid Conference, Cali-Colombia 1999

– European Orchid Congress, Copenhagen 2000

– Encounter for Sustainable Development, Hannover 2000

– Orchid Show Quito, Cali, 2001

– Latin-American Orchid Congress, Caracas, 2001

– Presiding Orchid Specialist Group OSG-SCC- UICN annual meeting, Cali, 2001

– Special guest International Orchid Show OKAYAMA 2002, Japan

– Agriflor de las Americas, Quito, 2002

– Judging Chairman & Congress ORCHITACHIRA, San Cristobal, Venezuela, 2003

– European Orchid Congress, London, 2003

– International Orchid Congress, Bogotá, 2003

– Chairman Latin-American Orchid Congress, Quito, 2004 sponsored by Kew Gardens and Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

– Smithsonian Institute in Washigton, opening seminar Orchid Exhibit, Dec.2004

– World Orchid Congress XVIII, Dijon, France, 2005 with Quito Pavilion

– East Orchid Congress, Minneapolis, 2005

– New Orleans and Baton Rouge Orchid Societies, September 2005 (canceled)

– Speakers Day, Miami, October 2005

– Asian Orchid Congress 2006, Singapour, November 2006

– African Orchid Congress 2006, South Africa, September 2006

– Ist Conservation Congress for Andean Orchids, Loja-Ecuador, 2007

– International Orchid Congress, Bogota, 2007

– Design & setup Ecuador Pavillion World Orchid Congress XIX 2008, Miami, Florida

– 2nd Conservation Congress for Andean Orchids at Universal Orchid Show, Quito, 2009

– Universal Expo Shanghai, 2010

– World Orchid Congress XX, Singapore, 2011

– Petalo Locuras, Quito, 2012

– IV Conservation Congress Conservation Andean Orchids, Guayaquil, 2012

– Design and setup Ecuador orchid pavilion World Orchid Congress XXI, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2014

– International Relations for World Orchid Congress XXII 2017, Guayaquil Ecuador

– Orchids & Chocolate exhibit, quito Botanic Garden, October 2015


–     “You Asked For It”, TV SHOW, USA, 10 minutes, 1982

–     “In the Footsteps of Humboldt”, ZDF, Germany, 1983

      “In search for the Blue Orchid”, 60 minutes, ZDF, Germany, 1989

      “Fantastic World”, 10 minutes, ZDF, Germany, 1994

      “Sachacuy, the wild Guinea pig in Ecuador”, ZDF, Germany, 1995

      “Ecuador”, 10 minutes in 60 minutes, NGK, Japan

      “Obsession with Orchids”, participation in WNTV, New York, 1999


–     Co-discovery of over 1200 orchids, bromeliads and gesneriads

–     Various articles proposing rapid evolution and speciation as orthogenetic punctuating mutations in multiples of four.

–     Co-author of description of new species of about 750 orchid species in over 1300 publications.

    Publications in magazines, journals, newspapers in various countries

    Contributions in Orchids of Colombia, Vol. 1 to 6

    Contributions in Orchids of Ecuador, (over 1000 Photographs) Vol. 1 to 5

    Contribution to Orchids of Peru, certain descriptions of genera and 455 photos

–     Contributions in various books, magazines, newspapers

–     Field guide of Conches and Shells of Ecuador, author and photography, in preparation

    The History of Chocolate, in preparation.